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  • Version: 1.8
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In August 2015, the RBI announced 11 companies that received a payments bank license and Airtel Payments Bank was one of them.

Airtel Payments Bank is an Indian mobile bank that allows users to open bank accounts through their mobile phones and manage them the same way. It also lets make cashless purchases, money transfers directly to bank accounts, set automatic payments of bills, chequeless transactions and much more with just a regular mobile phone.

Airtel launched the first in India pilot project two years ago and has about 10,000 retail outlets in Rajasthan for today. But before this happened, Price Waterhouse Coopers has done an analyze about Indian banking situation and concluded that about 230 million Indians either don’t use any bank accounts at all or don’t find them convenient.

So, payments banks were created as a new type of banks that allow people who live in small towns and even villages open personal bank accounts. Usually, regular bank branches are limited in such places because there is a lack of infrastructure, but such mobile banks as Airtel can fully function as branches. This might help businesses with established distribution networks to enter banking systems and make the Indian banking grow.

Functionality 5/5

How should you use the Airtel Merchant app? If you have a smartphone, you can create and access the account anytime through the app, check your balance, transfer money and do all of the same operations as you would do in a real bank. You can also activate any app’s function by sending short SMS in case you have a regular phone without extra features. And the most important is that the Airtel Merchant app lets your business grow without physical cash! You can accept payments and charge customers via this app. All of your transactions will be available later in the history.

Payments banks are not allowed to give their customers loans either offer credit cards. So you are allowed to open a deposit account, and the money you put on this account can be invested by payments banks only into the government securities. In addition to opening an account, you get a free Personal Accident Insurance Cover that works for up to Rs. 1 Lakh. Moreover, Airtel is paying an interest of 7.25 percent per year on accounts while other banks do 4 to 7 percent.

Also, having a personal Airtel mobile account lets you sometimes get really good deals and coupons because it is accepted at over 5 million outlets all over the country. You can use the Airtel Merchant app anytime from any location in India. Moreover, you can create account, deposit or withdraw money at the any Airtel stores. Whenever you make any transaction, you instantly get an SMS or an email with details of the transaction.

Design 4.5/5

Airtel Merchant has a beautiful design and a convenient to use interface. When you open the app, you will see a red logo of Airtel Merchant and a nice sketch of a few people in the background. The app’s design uses red, gray and white colors which look really good together. The first tab asks you to enter a phone number and then you will get an SMS to verify it.

If you are new to the Airtel Merchant app, the first tab you will see is a small application for your personal information. You need to enter there such information as your name, shop location, pin code, bank account number, your IFSC code and a few more details. Whenever you’re done with entering your information, you will see the next window that offers you to check everything again and see if it is correct or not. After you have checked your data, tap to submit the application and start using the app.

There are shop categories at the left side and a menu. In the menu, you’ll be able to accept payments, download QR-code, change pin, find some help information or simply log out. There is a separate window for the accepting transactions. To do this operation, you need to enter a sender’s name or email and the amount you want to request. You won’t have any troubles with using this app because all steps are simple and interface in overall is understandable.

Usability 5/5

The Airtel Merchant app lets you not to worry about checkbooks, deposit, withdrawal slips and other documents that you get in regular banks. It’s incredibly easy to open an account in Airtel bank. You get a service number that becomes your account number and a minimum deposit in Rs. 1 Lakh. It doesn’t matter where you’re located because you can use the Airtel Merchant all over India. You just need to sign a paperless eKYC that is authenticated with your fingerprint and start using the app.

Most payment banks are not allowed to issue ATM or debit cards. Therefore you will need to go to the Airtel retail store to withdraw money. But there is a plenty of the Airtel stores in Rajasthan, and you can make any banking operation in each of those stores because all of them fully act as branches and have fingerprint scanners that can authenticate you as a user.

Cross-platform use 4.5/5

The Airtel Merchant app is available for download on any device that runs Android 4.0.3 or later. Unfortunately, this app is not designed for other platforms for now.

In-app purchases

The Airtel Merchant app is free and doesn’t have any in-app purchases as well as annoying ads. It was made especially for the Airtel customers and their convenience who wants to grow their business by making it cashless.


The Airtel Merchant app is a great innovation that improves the current banking situation in India. It was designed especially for the Airtel customers who wants to expand their business and make it cashless. The app allows you to accept payments instantly from anybody and to do so you won’t spend a lot of time on figuring out how to use this app. Everything is simple thanks to the app’s interface, and help center that is available for you anytime will gladly answer you any questions. So download the app and make your business finally grow!

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The Airtel Merchant app is a great app that might be an extremely useful for small businesses because it lets them to instantly withdraw money from the customers’ accounts and make the business cashless.

Pros : has a balance limit of Rs. 1 lakh per customer;
don't need to be a service's subscriber to open an account;
insurance cover included;
high-interest rate;

Cons : doesn’t issue ATM or debit cards;
loans and credits are not allowed;

Functionality 5.0

Design 4.5

Usability 5.0

Cross-platform use 4.5

Average : 4.8

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