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  • Last update: 3 years ago
  • Version: 2.2
  • Compatibility: 1.6 and up
  • Author: GeezLab Co
  • Content rating: PEGI 3
  • Package name: com.geezlab.geezime
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GeezIME Review: Great input tool for Geez languages Review

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GeezIME is a keyboard app developed by GeezLab which enables users to input text in Tigrinya, Tigre, and Amharic. You can download GeezIME for Android devices, Mac, and Windows.

Functionality 4/5

GeezIME allows you to use the keyboard on your device to input data in the Ge’ez script. Depending on the language you want to use, you can switch between various input language options. The application has both English and Ge’ez languages, so you are not required to switch between different keyboard apps. You can also customize your keyboard with various skins from the selection provided.

Design 4/5

GeezIME app design has a similar layout to the standard keyboard, only that there are other options which enable you to switch between input languages and app skins. You will see dedicated buttons for different things located in the keyword space. For example, a button has been used for access to either GeezIME Keyboard Manual or GeezIME Settings. There is a bright GeezIME icon for switching languages that you cannot miss.


Usability 4/5

This is an app that you can use intuitively as it has a similar layout to your standard device keyboard. There are many input applications out there that have too many things added on top of core functions, leading to slowing down the usability. But it’s not the case for GeezIME. This app gives you an easy time as once you have installed it; you can use both English and Ge’ez script instantly. A dedicated languages button has been positioned conveniently on the primary keys page for easier switching between typing languages of your choice. The application provides you with a Ge’ez manual for keyboard mapping where you get to see the various English letters and their representations in the Ge’ez languages. It's very convenient to input data in a different language without making any errors. Since the key mapping is phonetic, you will rarely make a mistake since the input is mostly intuitive.

Cross-Platform Use 4/5

This GeezIME review has been done at a time when the application doesn’t offer much in terms of compatibility with platforms. As far as mobile devices are concerned, GeezIME is currently available for Android devices only and requires a minimum OS version of 1.6. The application is available pretty much every Android device out there thanks to the low compatibility threshold. It is also available on Windows and Mac.

In-App Purchases

GeezIME does not have any in-app purchases. All its features have been made available to you for free. Call it a missed opportunity, but the developers did not include a monetization model for the app. It’s for the best too; it would be quite irritating to have to sit through ads or pay just for the ability to express yourself in the language you prefer. So hats off to the developers for making the app absolutely free, no strings attached.

The Bottom Line

You can download GeezIME and finally have the freedom of with family and friends just the way you want, as you will be able to send texts and input data in a language that your recipients better understand. The app does not inconvenience you with ads or irrelevant pop-ups. You can change languages at your discretion by simply clicking on the languages button and selecting your desired input language.


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GeezIME app enables you to send messages or input text in the Ge’ez script.

Pros : Supports multiple Ge’ez languages;
Free to download;
No in-app purchases.

Cons : Available for a limited number of OS.

Functionality 4.0

Design 4.0

Usability 4.0

Cross-platform use 4.0

Average : 4.0

GeezIME Version History

  • GeezIME v.2.2 for Android 1.6+ Feb. 22, 2016
  • GeezIME v.2.1 for Android 1.6+ Sep. 06, 2015
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