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  • Last update: 1 year ago
  • Size: 23.30M
  • Compatibility: 4.4 and up
  • Author: MOBIZEN
  • Content rating: Rated for 3+
  • Package name: com.rsupport.mvagent
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Each time recording video from your mobile device’s screen, you likely worry about these two key points: smoothness and quality. You do right because a future success of your video mostly depends on them. Fortunately, there is an app that will not let you down and will fulfill all your requirements.

Mobizen Screen Recorder has all kinds of functions and tweaks that you need to make a video looking crisp and complete.

Functionality 5/5

The main feature of Mobizen is that it can easily mirror your Android phone or tablet screen to a PC. To use this function you simply need to download the Android app, PC application and get connected, using the PC app or the Mobizen Website. You can find all instructions as well as a full help section on the site.

Mobizen Screen Recorder provides you with a built-in video editor; it is simple and doesn’t have an extensive set of functions, but its presence is an advantage. You can merge several clips, add music, photos or adjust any other stuff. For the phone editing that's more than enough.

Mobizen Screen Recorder has a lot of useful features. For instance, "Clean" mode hides all unnecessary objects during recording, Air Circle - a record button, FaceCam can add a camera on the recorded screen, watermark and other things. You can also choose a specific time to record particular things as well as capture shots in the video.

Drag and Drop function is present here. It allows you to transfer photos and other media from your mobile to a PC or drag files from your PC to the mobile device. One more feature is that you can receive all smartphone notifications on your PC and with one mouse click choose which one you would like to respond.

Design 4/5

Mobizen Screen Recorder has a beautiful and convenient interface, which allows you to navigate through it quickly and helps to understand all the app’s functions.

When you open Mobizen Screen Recorder at first, you’ll see all the app’s functionality, its opportunities and the app will optimize itself for your device. The next step is appearing of the menu or rather floating widget on the desktop. It’ll show you how to record video from the screen and give you other important instructions.

Usability 3.5/5

You can connect your phone to a PC over WiFi, USB or even 3G. But using 3G, you should expect some lags, which is quite predictable.

One disappointing thing about the video editor is the inability to redact video shorter than 5 seconds. The reason for such restriction is not clear, so usability lightly suffers.

FaceCam can also lag sometimes and display the image from the camera in a wrong way, making it compressed or squeezed.

Cross-platform use 4.5/5

Mobizen has an advantage that many other apps don’t, and that’s the ability to make a screen recording from Android 4.4 KitKat without root.

Also, the developers of Mobizen offer three versions of the app: a regular one and two more for Samsung and LG devices. It’s hard to tell what is the difference between them. In fact, the apps are the same. But as it’s said in the Google Play Market, the apps for Samsung and LG have been approved by relevant policies and guidelines of these companies respectively.


With Mobizen you can pull any content quickly from your Android device to a PC or Mac and don't transfer or download files. It is also the easiest way to record and share mobile gameplay.

Overall, this is one of the best apps for streaming and screen recording on the Android market. The fact that it is completely free makes it only better. So you should try it before the developer starts charging the price that this app deserves.

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Mobizen Screen Recorder is one of the most beautiful Productivity App for Android, the which you can use.

Pros : start working with only a single click;
easily transfers files to-and-from your PC or Mac;
works through Wi-Fi, LTE/3G or USB cable;

Cons : the presence of advertising;

Functionality 5.0

Design 4.0

Usability 3.5

Cross-platform use 4.5

Average : 4.3

Mobizen Screen Recorder Version History

  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Dec. 01, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Nov. 14, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Nov. 10, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Oct. 26, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Oct. 12, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Sep. 27, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Sep. 07, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Sep. 01, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Aug. 11, 2016
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder v. for Android 4.4+ Aug. 02, 2016
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